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T-Shirt Design Contest

  • T-Shirt Design Contest

The Intercultural Centre wants your help in deciding the design for their Volunteer Crew T-shirts.

The purpose of the T-shirt Design Contest is to determine the official t-shirt design for the IC volunteer crew. The t-shirts will be worn by IC volunteers at all future Intercultural Centre events. The Intercultural Centre’s volunteer crew is in the process of developing its identity.  By having a say in the t-shirt design, learners help to establish an image for IC volunteers.  Learners input in the decision making process helps fosters engagement and a sense of involvement and connection to the college community. 

There are three different t-shirt designs to choose from. Learners are encouraged to cast their vote for the design that they like best and can see themselves wearing as an IC volunteer. 

The response so far has been fabulous! Posters with t-shirt design choices have been set up a various locations around the college. Learners can indicate their choice by placing a sticker on their favorite t-shirt.

Cast your vote! The contest finishes on September 19. Stop by the IC, located on the 3rd floor of North campus, to see the winning t-shirt in October!