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TEDx Volunteer Reflections

  • TEDx Volunteer Reflections

The following blog post was written by Kelty Christensen, Learner Engagement Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

On November 5th, Bow Valley College hosted its first TEDx event. The Intercultural Centre greatly appreciates the time and effort that volunteers committed to making TEDxBowValleyCollege an overwhelming success. 

One of the TEDxBowValleyCollege volunteers was Cher Mayuga, a first-year student in the Business Administration Diploma Program at BVC.  I recently sat down with Cher to talk about her experience volunteering at TEDx: 

How did you hear about TEDxBowValleyCollege?

One of my classmates told me that volunteers were needed and I hurried over to sign up!  I wanted to attend TEDx, but the tickets sold out too quickly.  I was interested in finding out what the BVC community was going to do and I wanted to support my fellow classmate, Andrei, who was speaking at the event.

Did you know about TEDx prior to volunteering? 

No, I had heard about TED speakers and that they shared ideas.  I didn’t know that TEDx was community focused and that only 100 people could attend.

What was your experience like volunteering with TEDx Bow Valley College?

Very hands on and involved.  I’m planning on majoring in Events Management and I wanted some actual experience in how an event operates.   I’ve volunteered at other community events, but I didn’t feel that I was really actively involved. 

What were some of your volunteer responsibilities?

I greeted, ushered and seated guests, encouraged guests to discuss their “Connections” on the connections board, timed speakers during their talk, and worked with the organizers, the other volunteers and the camera crew to make sure that everything was running smoothly.   

What TEDx Bow Valley College talk did you find most inspiring?

I really liked Andrei’s talk.  I’ve heard about some of his ideas in discussions that we’ve had.  I also liked the one about the teacher working up in the Inuit community- The Struggle to Survive.  I’ve done some teacher volunteering in the past and it made me reflect on my experiences with the students that I worked with.

The theme for TEDx Bow Valley College was Connections.  How do you connect to the college community?

I came to BVC for the Events Management program.   I volunteer with the Intercultural Centre and SABVC and their Volunteer Outreach Committee.  I’m President of the Game Legion Club and I’m part of the Learning Navigator Program.  The school that I attended in Manitoba was not very diverse.  At BVC, I get to meet so many people from different backgrounds and many international students.  I get to learn and know about different perspectives.  What I realized was that as different as many students are, we are also very similar.  Appreciating people’s differences opens doors to understanding our similarities. 

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