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TEDxBowValleyCollege 2015

  • TEDxBowValleyCollege 2015

The following blog post was written by Tahira Ebrahim, Centre Liaison Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

Historic in its own right, TEDxBowValleyCollege 2015 has now wrapped up and offered an outstanding experience for both speakers and audience members. This year’s event showcased seven unique speakers, who all gave inspiring, insightful, and thought provoking talks on this year’s theme: Histories and Possibilities. 

Audience members were also treated to musical performances by Bow Valley College's own Tim Ndongndeh, a Chui School of Business learner, alongside local talent Lisette Xavier and Ben Loughland. Between the morning and afternoon session, participants engaged in activities, including contributing to a BVC timeline and sharing pearls of wisdom and possibility. 

The symbol of the pearl was woven throughout the event, with each audience member receiving a pearl bead to remind them of a "pearl of wisdom" that they received during TEDxBowValleyCollege. 

Although the event is over, the Intercultural Centre will be inviting the College community to continue contributing to the BVC timeline from November 16 - 20.

If you missed TEDxBowValleyCollege, videos will be made available the first week of December through the TED channel on YouTube.  Stay tuned for further details! 

Below, you will find a list of TEDxBowValleyCollege speakers, and titles:

  • Laura Koronko – Seeing the human, behind the inhumane
  • Ifeoma Ngwudike- High five: The power of touch
  • Bertrand Bickersteth – The weight of words
  • Tim Loblaw- Calgary brown
  • Zainab Malik – Generation change the game
  • Marjorie Contenti – Free to be: Allowing your truer self-expression
  • Todd Hirsch – Spiders in space: Adapting to unwanted change

To get involved with TEDxBowValleyCollege 2016, please email