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TEDxBowValleyCollege 2018 – Lagom: Life. Simply.

Now that Fall semester is well underway, here at the Intercultural Centre that can only mean one thing: TEDxBowValleyCollege is set to return this November. Now a hallmark event for the College’s Intercultural Centre, 2018 is the fifth annual TEDxBowValleyCollege event. This year’s theme, lagom, centres on a Swedish value and worldview. 

Lagom is a Swedish term that describes a lifestyle designed for balance, simplicity, and sustainability, where happiness is achieved through sufficiency, rather than over abundance. On a macro scale, lagom ensures resources are shared to ensure all needs are met and limits unnecessary consumption, while on a micro level, a lagom influenced lifestyle is meant to reduce one’s stress and improve quality of life. 

The moderate approach to ways of living is woven through each of the 2018 TEDxBowValleyCollege talks that include extracting life lessons from hiking, rethinking the concept of work-life balance, honouring Indigenous origins of balance living and sustainability, finding harmony in multiple identities, and an entrepreneurial approach to making a living and making a difference. 

What is TEDx?
TEDx is a satellite program of the renowned annual TED conference. Bow Valley College (College) has hosted an independently organized event starting in 2014 with Connections followed by 2015’s Histories and Possibilities, 2016’s Divergence, and 2017’s Kintsugi

Working with the TEDx principles to spark conversation and connection, the Intercultural Centre presents the annual event with an aim to engage our campus with the ever-changing nature of our local and global world.

TEDxBowValleyCollege is hosted in a two-hour session, open to the entire College community, including faculty, staff, and students alike. The Intercultural Centre invites you to attend and listen to the wide range of topics and ideas, that are meant to spark conversation and action. 

Event details

  • Date: Wednesday, November 21
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Location: N231, North Campus

Email the Intercultural Centre at, to register today.

TEDxBowValleyCollege is free to attend. ASL interpreters will be made available upon request.