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The following blog post was written by Bow Valley College learner Mimi Tang, as part of the IC Scribe program through the Intercultural Centre. This program encourages learners to share their ideas and experiences through blog posts. Mimi has been an active volunteer with the Intercultural Centre for the past two years. She is currently studying Public Relations and Digital Marketing at BVC.

I am a student known for volunteering and participating in campus activities. My goals include experiencing college life to the fullest. I enjoy all of my classes and my teachers are amazing; however, I believe I that I can also learn from participating in campus life. The things that motivate me come from real life experiences and opportunities that I create for myself. I get involved to show others that they too can take advantage of everything our college has to offer. Sometimes students need a little push to attempt something new and different. I do this all the time, and I encourage my peers to as well.

Student involvement is not always the first priority for college students. Students have busy lives, leading most students to focus solely on attending their classes. These students are missing out on creating an enriched college experience!

I ask myself, “Why do I volunteer?” I began keeping a volunteer journal where I would record each of my volunteer experiences, what my role was, and specific details from each event. I noticed a theme emerging. What I realized is that ultimately, I volunteer because of the people.

Volunteering has been endlessly rewarding. I have made lifelong friends, had incredible experiences, and enlightening conversations. I have found myself taking on leadership roles and I have gained a great deal of confidence in myself. This could not have been possible if I did not take a chance, put myself out there and volunteer my time. Finding commonalities with other students has opened doors for me to understanding and creating deeper friendships. I am easy-going, open-minded, and enjoy learning new perspectives. 

I have learned and experience so much. I try to encourage my peers to get involved because I believe that we can learn so much from giving our time. Volunteering and meeting new people has helped shaped me in becoming the person that I am!