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Student research assistants share their collaborative applied research experience

  • Working Collaboratively to Support Students’ Experiences with Research at Bow Valley College

The following post was written by  Dr. Martha Fanjoy, Researcher at the School of Global Access

On January 29, 2019 four Bow Valley College student research assistants presented their research posters exploring four diverse subjects that share a foundation in social innovation principles.

To showcase the student’s contribution to our research team’s pilot of the Social Innovation on the Ground project’s Social Innovation Resource for Beginners, we hosted a social innovation student poster presentation . The poster presentation, welcoming nearly 75 staff and students, provided an opportunity for our student research assistants to share their work and their learning. As they celebrated, the students reflected on their experience working on a collaborative research project:

  •  “My biggest learning outcome has been to start with a small doable goal that will eventually lead into a much larger, possibly universal outcome.”
  •  “This process has opened my eyes to the realities of how diverse our population is, which has inspired me to encourage inclusion within every facet of life.”
  •  “As I was guided by Martha, in a safe place, I was able to experiment with these new skills and was able to be more contemplative and introspective.”
  •  “I learned that in any community there is something that can be improved. Everything is not perfect, but with our contribution we can build an inclusive community.”
  •  “It was really interesting getting to know what issues matter to others and why, and to learn more about things in a very different environment.”
  •  “What surprised me the most about participating in this project was the fact that as a student I could express my ideas and that someone was interested to hear me.”
  •  “When we would meet and go through questions we each had about the modules, I was able to see why the different [research] techniques would help with the process and how breaking down goals into smaller sections would benefit my project.”

As research assistants, the student's work made a meaningful contribution to our collaboration with the Research and Innovation Social Innovation on the Ground project. Not only did the research team pilot the SSHRC-funded Social Innovation Resource for Beginners but it gave our research team an opportunity to engage Bow Valley College students in an applied research project.  

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