Intercultural Centre

Fostering inclusion and meaningful connections.

The Intercultural Centre (IC) provides training, workshops, community volunteerism, and College wide events for staff, faculty, and learners.

As part of the School of Global Access, the IC was developed to foster and advance diversity and inclusion at Bow Valley College.

Whether you want to learn about other cultures, develop intercultural competency skills, become a leader, or volunteer, the IC has something for you. We're located at Bow Valley College, North Campus N322. Send an email to to get in touch!

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Heard at the IC

  • Volunteering at BVC, I get to meet so many people from different backgrounds and many international students. I get to learn and know about different perspectives. What I realized was that as different as many students are, we are also very similar. Appreciating people’s differences opens doors to understanding our similarities.
    ICan Crew volunteer
  • I would recommend volunteering. This is a new experience that makes you feel good because you have the opportunity to help people from your community.
    ICan Crew volunteer
  • I told my teacher that volunteering encourages me to join more Canadian social activities because I can learn form others and it can benefit my future. Moreover, all volunteers and instructors were friendly and supportive. I felt comfortable and excited with the work and the environment.
    ICan Crew Volunteer
  • Volunteering with the IC is such a wonderful experience. It literally changed my college life. It’s such a great opportunity to be involved in college life, to learn about other cultures, to develop different skills (interpersonal, communication and so on), meeting amazing people and wonderful friends and most important- giving back to BVC community!
    ICan Crew Volunteer

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Engaged Citizenship

Engaged Citizenship

Programming to support the development of introductory skills in intercultural competence. 

Events focus on building self-awareness, understanding historical, cultural and societal influences on perspectives of diversity, and how to better engage with difference.

View our event calendar to register for our upcoming events. 

Global Mindset

 Global Mindset

An interactive campus hub for students, faculty, and staff providing opportunities for involvement in College and off-site community activities. 

These activities encourage engaged citizenship, by promoting diversity, developing skills, and offering a variety of channels in which to connect. View our photo gallery to check out past events.

Intercultural Competence

Intercultural Competence

Programming that encourages the College campus to recognize themselves as part of an interconnected community. This is done through bringing awareness to current events and promotion of opportunities for advocacy. 

These opportunities are provided in class, as well as for the greater campus community, through general workshop series.


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Join the ICan Crew

The ICan Crew is a program for Bow Valley College learners to volunteer both on campus, in the Calgary community, and online. Volunteering is a great way to connect with other learners, learn valuable skills, and engage with College activities

To get involved, please follow these steps:

  1. download form
  2. complete and save form
  3. email form to

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