PD Network

Online professional development for faculty

The School of Global Access is committed to building capacity in teaching and learning. For practitioners to be as effective as possible, it is crucial that they continually expand their knowledge and skills.  

Our professional development committee plans professional learning workshops for faculty throughout the year. This online space allows faculty to access workshop summaries, learning materials, and stories. We encourage faculty to visit often.

This is a closed network for School of Global Access staff. To join this network, please email globalaccess@bowvalleycollege.ca

What Network members are saying

  • It was a really great opportunity for me to present at the ELL PD day. It was also a gratifying experience to be able to share my experience with my colleagues, and hear feedback, suggestions and modifications. I was extremely nervous about presenting for the first time but it turned out to be very valuable.
    Faculty member
  • The experience and expertise of the presenters is wonderful. Their obvious passion for their profession and topic is inspiring.
    Faculty member
  • I appreciate the leadership from colleagues on these topics. Their presentations were very practical for the context in which we teach at Bow Valley College.
    Faculty member
  • The PD sessions are awesome. They give practical, professional ideas that I can use every day in the classroom.
    Faculty member