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"What are you up to, ICan Crew?"

  • "What are you up to, ICan Crew?"

The Intercultural Centre’s “ICan Crew” volunteer corps is made up of students from just about every program at Bow Valley College. They are instrumental in so many of the events, presentations, and activities the Intercultural Centre offers, and many of them volunteer across other areas of the College as well.

We can’t interact with our ICan Crew members in-person right now, so we wanted to reach out to them and find out what they’ve been doing in this period of distancing and isolation, away from campus.

Here is a snapshot of what they’ve been doing to be active, help others, and stay motivated.
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Kaylee, Disability Studies program

My work is an essential service, so I have been working very hard to make sure the people that I support are not going stir crazy. Some of those activities include in home dance parties, in-home karaoke, games of “I spy”, movie days with popcorn, and making videos with them! I’m a support worker for the Calgary SCOPE Society, and I am a student in the Disability Studies program at Bow Valley College. I graduate in less than 2 weeks!

Steven, Academic Upgrading

I have been doing outreach for people who can't access food or other supplies for their needs. Every couple of days I prepare food hampers and distribute them to the community – mostly to the homeless population, Elders, and other communities. It is hard to watch our most vulnerable people suffer. This is a picture of me and my colleague who picked up a food donation from a community contributor, and there is also a photo one of the clients who I have gotten to know and love. When I am not doing outreach, I like to sit and chill with my cat Feebie, who likes to sleep all day.

Wai Yu, Business Administration program

I have been doing painting, making my own homemade hand sanitizer, and taking some pictures. I also do yoga every morning when I wake up.

Lekhoni, Medical Office Assistant program

What have I been doing other than preparing for finals? I am a writer; I have been working and writing on my blog, which I have recently started.

Nelo, Business Administration Diploma program

Well, while staying indoors, a few friends and I decided to start a 30,000-steps-a-day challenge to stay active and healthy. We have a chat group and each person posts updates of their number of steps and we keep trying to out-step each other. What's special is that we're all in different parts of the world: London, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria and this challenge has helped to keep us connected and motivated.

Mimi, Business Administration – Public Relations and Digital Marketing major co-op program

Well, lately since its close to the end of semester, and I have a piling list of assignments to do. I been doing schoolwork and listening to music. I have caught up on my much-needed sleep. I know some days I am not extremely motivated to do much, but I find talking to my friends (with a call or video call), having that small bit of social interaction helps to brighten my days.

Monika, Addiction Studies program

I have started to practice my soprano recorder again. Here is a little clip.

Sumaiya, Legal Assistant program

I dance! I have always been fond of dancing, no particular dance form, just learning the signature step of a famous song makes me happy. Dancing lifts up my mood; music does its healing and makes me feel alive. I like to call it cheap thrills!