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ESL Literacy Reading Profile ESL Literacy, Classroom practices, Reading, Writing

This reading profile provides a general summary of reading conditions and proficiencies from Phases I-III, based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000: ESL for Literacy Learners.

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ESL Literacy Curriculum Development Guide ESL Literacy, Curriculum, Program development, Classroom practices

Learning for LIFE: An ESL Literacy Curriculum Framework outlines a process for curriculum development in five stages. This curriculum development guide summarizes the process outlined in each of the five stages and includes a 

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eLearning Toolkit Classroom practices, Program development, Online Learning

The eLearning Toolkit provides a reference for ELL instructors and course developers as they establish, facilitate, and evaluate the online learning environment – the space, content, and community that you and your learners interact with.

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Classroom Needs Assessment Guide ESL Literacy, Classroom practices

Understanding the needs of learners is an important part of providing effective instruction. This tool is designed for instructors and includes templates and a guide for conducing a classroom needs assessment.  

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Building a Classroom of Excellence ESL Literacy, Classroom practices

This tool helps ESL Literacy instructors and program providers reflect on instructional practices and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, in order to align with promising practices in ESL Literacy instruction.

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Accountability Checklist for Instructors ESL Literacy, Classroom practices, Curriculum

The purpose of this tool is to guide instructors in reflecting on how they currently demonstrate accountability to learners and to encourage instructors to set professional development goals related to demonstrating accountability.

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A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy Classroom practices

A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy is a useful and in-depth resource for ESL literacy practitioners. The resource can support both instructors with dedicated classes of ESL literacy learners and instructors who have ESL literacy learners mixed with non-literacy learners.

This resource introduces a Framework of Literacy Skills for Adult ESL Literacy Learners, which outlines the skills for the development of literacy. The resource also explores effective approaches to teaching adult ESL literacy learners.

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