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Workforce Development Framework for ELL Instructors English in the workplace, Curriculum

The content of this guide includes needs assessment, course development and teaching intercultural communicative competence in the workplace.


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Pathways to Belonging and Influence: Strategies and skills of the flourishing Canadians, born abroad English in the workplace

This resource contains audio conversations with successful immigrants that focus on their strategies for success in establishing themselves in Canada. The conversations are accompanied by written transcripts and a summary of common strategies and practices.

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In the Workplace: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook Reading, Writing, E-textbook, English in the workplace

This textbook has a focus on the workplace in Canada and gives practice in the four main language skills. It can be used as an online textbook with interactive activities or downloaded, printed and used as a regular textbook. The textbook is aimed at Canadian Language Benchmark levels 5/6.

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Here to Help: Workplace Communication Skills for Food Services English in the workplace, Communication skills

The Alberta Government funded the School of Global Access to create a resource that will assist newcomers to Canada find and retain entry-level positions in the food services industry.

Instructors will be able to use this resource in classrooms to focus on workplace communication, with an emphasis on speaking and listening for busy, time-sensitive environments, like working in a kitchen, cafeteria, or restaurant.

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Internationally Trained Individuals: A Guide for Employers English in the workplace

The Alberta Government funded the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement (CEIIA) to create a guide for employers to help integrate internationally trained individuals (ITIs) across employment sectors in Alberta. The CEIIA worked in collaboration with Talent Pool, an Alberta employers’ resource and information hub located in Calgary.

This project produced a resource that aims to help employers of small to medium-sized businesses:

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