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We are a leader in the development of learning resources, curricula, and methodology in English language learning, workplace training, and intercultural competence.

We collaborate with government, post-secondary organizations, and community and industry partners to conduct research that furthers our goals of inclusive teaching and learning communities.

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  • Most of the participants reported feelings of shyness or nervousness or stress, which disappeared quickly. As they talked about their first week, they conveyed an underlying spirit of optimism and excitement about learning English. This spirit was stronger than any of the early negative feelings.
    The Integration Advantage
    Research report on the experiences of adult immigrants enrolled in LINC

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Our innovative applied research projects focus on immigrant advancement, diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, and resource development. Learn more

Recent Applied Research Projects

Research is at the heart of what we do.

Enhancing Wellbeing and Civic Engagement of Immigrant Women Retirees

A two-year SSHRC-funded Community and College Social Innovation fund project. Learn more

Customer Care

A project to develop a course for learners at CLB 4-6 who are working in the service industry and want to improve their customer care skills. Learn more

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This collaborative project produced a guide for employers to help integrate internationally trained individuals across employment sectors in Alberta. Learn more

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We support inclusive teaching and learning communities.

Stories from the Field

A series of stories that explores innovations in ESL literacy programming that have been spearheaded by the SGA.
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A monthly blog series that showcases School of Global Access faculty and staff. Learn more

Open Educational Resources

This partnership project with NorQuest College produced two e-textbooks intended for immigrant adult learners. Learn more


We are at the forefront of knowledge mobilization.

The Integration Advantage

A research report on the experiences and perceptions of adult immigrants enrolled in LINC programs. Learn more

Virtual Education in ELL

This applied research report investigates and mitigates issues of learner isolation and instructional distance in online learning environments. Learn more

In the Workplace: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook

An Open Educational Resource and English language learning e-texbook with a focus on the workplace in Canada. Learn more

ESL Literacy Readers

Forty theme-based readers for adult ESL literacy learners with carefully chosen themes that are relevant to adult learners. Learn more

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