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The School of Global Access is a leader in the development of learning resources, curricula and methodology in English language learning, workplace training and intercultural competence.

We offer a wide range of resources focused on language and workforce development. We are committed to sharing our expertise. 

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Workforce Development Framework for ELL Instructors English in the workplace, Curriculum

The content of this guide includes needs assessment, course development and teaching intercultural communicative competence in the workplace.


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VESL Tutor Tips VESL

The tutor tips in this document were created by English language learning instructors who have facilitated previous VESL workshops.

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Theme Unit and Lesson Planning Guide ESL Literacy, Classroom practices

Effective theme teaching requires planning and intentional instruction. The purpose of this tool is to help instructors understand how components of a thematic unit are tied together and plan effective thematic units.

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Supporting ESL Literacy Learners ESL Literacy, Classroom practices, Program development

Successful ESL literacy programs are sensitive to learners’ barriers and recognize that learners need support. This tool provides information on the ways a program and instructors can support and empower learners.

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Strategies for Teaching Adult Refugees in the ELL Classroom Classroom practices

This tool is designed for ELL practitioners working with refugee learners and includes:

  • information on the impact of trauma on learning
  • tips for creating a supportive and safe classroom environment
  • effective teaching strategies and approaches suitable for different levels and groups of learners
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Process of Strategy Instruction ESL Literacy, Classroom practices, Reading

Literacy strategies are the methods that learners use to help them read, write and spell effectively. The purpose of this tool is to help instructors provide explicit and focused strategy instruction.

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Portfolio Planning and Implementation ESL Literacy, Classroom practices

A portfolio is a systematic and purposeful collection of learners’ work that demonstrates achievement of learning outcomes over time. This tool supports instructors in planning effectively for portfolio assessment.

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Pathways to Belonging and Influence: Strategies and skills of the flourishing Canadians, born abroad English in the workplace

This resource contains audio conversations with successful immigrants that focus on their strategies for success in establishing themselves in Canada. The conversations are accompanied by written transcripts and a summary of common strategies and practices.

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