The School of Global Access is dedicated to making significant contributions to four pillars that frame the blueprint for our future.


Pillar 1: English Language Learning

Through innovation in curriculum design and delivery, the Centre provides access to quality English language training. As the largest provider in Alberta, we provide learners with the skills they need to live, study and work in Canada.

Pillar 2: Career Advancement

Through the delivery of leading edge programs and services to immigrants and employers, the Centre contributes to the reduction of barriers to appropriate employment and career advancement. We collaborate with workplace and educational partners to support immigrants' integration into further learning and the workforce.

Pillar 3: Intercultural Development

Through an inclusive teaching and learning approach, the Centre contributes to the intercultural understanding and positive relationships between learners, College faculty and staff, and community members. We embed intercultural competency skills in the programs and training that we offer.

Pillar 4: Research and Development

Through our applied research initiatives we foster inclusive teaching and learning communities. Our innovative projects focus on immigrant advancement, diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, and resource development and training.