Workforce Solutions

What's New: Career Advancement

Important discussions about innovative approaches to immigration integration and productivity are taking place in Canada today.

Central to the conversation is the ability to hire and train an effective workforce in a global economy. Helping Canada stay competitive, the Centre responds to workplace demands. The Centre partners with employers in Alberta and across Canada to address the changing demands of a diverse workforce.

  • Our workforce and corporate training provides a wide range of products and services that meet employer's needs and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of industries, workplaces, and communities.
  • We are proud to offer the Immigration Practitioner Certificate program. The only certificate program of its kind in Alberta for immigration consultants and practitioners.
  • We help internationally educated professionals (IEPs) successfully transition to the Canadian marketplace through our Corporate Readiness Training Program.
  • Our Career Services provide the guidance and resources newcomers need to access job opportunities.