Visuals and ESL Literacy Learning


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This two-part webinar series provides participants with an introduction to visual literacy as it relates to low-level ESL Literacy learners. It challenges common assumptions about how these learners see and process the images used in class for both communicating concepts and scaffolding text.

The webinars draw on real classroom examples and offer tips on how to help ESL Literacy learners begin to develop skills to notice, select, view, interpret, evaluate, and create images in order to communicate.

  • It was a wonderful reminder to think carefully about the images that you present to the learners in your class and to think carefully about how and when you present them. I'm definitely going to watch both parts again and think about what I can do differently in my two classes. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. It was another great learning experience.
    Webinar participant
  • It is my first time attending an ESL Literacy Network webinar! I love the depth, sensitivity, and structure of both content and strategy.
    Webinar participant
  • I now have a deeper understanding of the whys behind the use of visuals in my class, and how to scaffold work done with visuals.
    Webinar participant
  • I learned so much about the elements of images and the difficulties and skills associated with interpreting images used in class. I plan to incorporate many of the ideas/examples I saw, particularly having the learners create the images we use.
    Webinar participant