Centre For Excellence

Who We Are

With a long history of working directly with immigrants, Bow Valley College builds capacity in encouraging a successful and participatory newcomer community.

We foster conditions that narrow Alberta's skills gap and promote vibrant communities and workplaces that value inclusion and diversity.

Through the creation of the School of Global Access, the College is dedicated to making significant contributions to:

  • Access to quality English language learning programs
  • Immigrant participation and mobility in the workforce commensurate with their skills and potential
  • Intercultural understanding and positive relationships between diverse audiences; and
  • Opportunities for all learners to practice global citizenship.

We are privileged to be able to lead this process and appreciate our ambitious mandate, co-created with the College and informed by our community and industry partners. By implementing this mandate, we are recognized for the expertise, passion, and commitment that our academic and learner support team collectively brings to the School of Global Access.

Areas of Focus

Working with partners, businesses, practitioners and learners for a better tomorrow

A Pathway to Employment Success

We increase participation and mobility in the workforce.

A Leader in English Language Programming

We support a community of people from around the world.

A Training Centre for Intercultural Competence

We promote vibrant communities and workplaces that value inclusion and diversity.

A Commitment to Innovation and Research

We are at the forefront of social innovation and knowledge mobilization.