Intercultural Conflict Resolution Micro-Credential

  • Conflict Resolution Across Culture
April, 2020 to March, 2022

Contact Information:

Diane Hardy


Project Description

The Intercultural Conflict Resolution Micro-Credential explores competency-based learning to develop soft skills while offering a micro-credential, a shareable endorsement, in resolving intercultural conflict.

This two-year project developed and offered a micro-credential which was piloted in 2021/2022. The micro-credential focused on enhancing industry knowledge, language, and intercultural conflict resolution skills within the hospitality industry. In addition to providing an opportunity for newcomer workers, the project informed how micro-credentials can validate elements of global competence in Alberta.

Throughout, Intercultural Conflict Resolution considered participants’ intersecting identity factors as the coursework was rooted in reflection and the examination of understanding one’s own identity and how it may influence interactions in culturally diverse workplaces. The program was designed to be flexible and learner driven, providing opportunities for learners to practice and assess their skills to ensure that they are set up successfully for real world problem solving in the industry.

An employer advisory committee will helped identify the core competencies and will supported creating rubrics for assessments, reflections, and evaluations. They also informed what determines successful competencies in the workplace. The advisory committee reflected voices from across Alberta and included employers from hotels specifically from the Banff and Canmore regions.

For newcomer workers, the micro-credential supports workplace integration by helping cohort participants validate intercultural conflict skills they bring to the workplace and to upskill in areas where they may have gaps.

For employers, the project will helped to determine if a course-based, micro-credential approach is scalable and effective in helping individuals in the hospitality industry mitigate and manage conflict in the workplace. Intercultural Conflict Resolution also provided employers a lens to inform not only how they train employees, including newcomers, but also how they hire.