Indigenous Awareness Training for Employers

  • Indigenous Awareness Training for Employers
January, 2016 to December, 2016

Contact Information:

Hana Taleb Imai


Project Description

The Indigenous Awareness Training for Employers project, facilitated in collaboration with the Alberta Aboriginal Construction Career Centre (AACCC) endeavours to create three two-hour Indigenous awareness online training modules for employers in Calgary.  The training will address historical and current knowledge and information about what it means to be an Indigenous person in Alberta in the 21st Century. 

The training will focus on the history, traditions and current realities of Indigenous people in Canada.  It will explore traditional values, governance, traits, social issues, federal legislation, and stereotypes which all have an impact on employment. Indigenous ways of being and knowing will underpin the development of the modules to ensure that the resulting training will be respectful and will foster understanding and strengthen relationships with employers and Indigenous employees. 

The training will be piloted in early fall 2016.